Monday, October 12, 2009

Communication Soup, Anyone?

Oh, the adventures in blogging.

I must confess, I spent a good chunk of time scouring this blog-verse and looking through pages. Tidbits of people's lives, families, hobbies and whatnot.

I'm actually surprised to admit that I discovered a great deal of people that I find rather amusing. (not everyone, mind you. Some people were downright dull. but anyways.)

Humorous walk-throughs of frantic daily life, complete with quips about marriage and life that I find all too relative. Celebrations of birthdays, vents and rants about the common discouragements we all encounter.
I laughed. I smiled. I 'awww'ed.
I clicked the little 'follow' button so I can stop by again and fall privy to the slur of words and photos that entertained me.

Which brings me to my own personal query -

Can I be that damn amusing?

I sit here, having seen the hubby off to work; the furballs (that I so tenderly treat like my children in absence of true genetic offspring) have been given their morning breakfast; and I get my big morning cup-o-joe and come padding into my office to curl up my pj-clad legs to find something remotely noteworthy to say - and what do I say?

I start blogging about blogging, that's what I do. Ugh. How annoyingly anticlimactic.

(I must interject here that I sincerely believe I won't be blogging each day in my pajamas....not that that is of any usefullness at this moment.)

The direction I was originally attempting to point with my semi-self-deprecating little rant, is that it strikes me so overwhelmingly that in this current stage of technology that we as a society are literally choking on an abundance of avenues of communication.

I alone, for example, am an avid member of Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, Redbubble, and Imagekind, I have IM on my cell phone, and I have more e-mail addresses than I can even keep straight.

And now, lo' and behold: I add an enthusiastic, cheery little Blogger icon into the pot of soup.

*pauses for dramatic effect*

It's no wonder my friends are always on me about not answering my emails. I forget to ask them which internet venue the little 'new mail' icon might be residing. It's ridiculous, right?

The problem that I find tapping my shoulder in apprehension - is that while I have a few random fellow attachments that bleed from one to the next, in all actuality each different application holds it's own special appeal, it's different contacts and associations and circles of friends.
Can any one person, (hopefully) sane, god-fearing person, actually keep up with all the different forms of communication?

It's downright bloody exasperating.

I suppose that is the ultimate question, isn't it. Just how far do we stretch, and how thinly can we cast ourselves, before we realize that in attempts to do everything and be everything to everyone, we find ourselves incomplete in a thousand different ways rather than complete in one way?

Perhaps I'm overthinking/analyzing. I do that on occasion.

Or perhaps I'm not.

I'm not really complaining (or am I?) about the vast array of ways in which I can receive my 'good morning's and 'hi, how are ya's. It's nice, in fact, ever so often to know that there are enough people that care about you that you can sign into any application and get a notification or two.

But in reality, wouldn't it just make so much more sense if everyone was on the same plateau of a community instead of fifteen?
And now, since that will undoubtedly never occur, should I think about digging through my dusty, cluttered attic packed with at least a dozen applications for connecting to the outside world, and ensue with getting rid of the ones I can live without?

I'll have to ponder on that.
In the meantime, oh-newest-of-applications that I've delved into, I'm off before my hypothetical soup gets cold.


Mike Steelman said...

I have thought, without really thinking it seems, about all the different on-line methods of communication I am involved in as well. Your post caused a flash to go off in my head. Each method of communication seems to have its' own life.
For me, Facebook is a place to catch up with old friends and, through those old friends, meet new ones. MySpace is/was a cool place to get to know new people while keeping up with current friends. Twitter is an amusing waste of time. Blogger is a place for me to talk without worrying to much that I will offend my close friends - they aren't here. And email is just a place to get my bills and notifications that one of my other sites is trying to tell me something.

Great Post! My flash of insight may have just been a flicker in retrospect.


Phew...Me too!
I need to ponder some more on this as well...
The word exasperating comes to mind!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Welcome! You have a great "voice" and I look forward to reading your posts.

I could never keep up with all the various forms of communication you do. I don't even do Facebook because I figure I'm already in touch with everyone I care to be in touch with and, if they're that eager to know more, they can come read the open book of my life that is my blog. (Of course, when they do and then mention something in conversation that I don't remember telling them, it freaks me the heck out every single time. You'd think I'd be used to that by now!)

Anyway, if you do decide to cut down, I vote for keeping the blog!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I agree with FunnyKat. Your blog is refreshing and witty and I look forward to reading more.

I enjoy various methods of communicating and find blogging offers something the others don't -- various viewpoints from various regions of the globe.

I'm glad you stopped by and look forward to reading more from you.

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