Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pondering Daily Postcards

You know, if I had time, I'd totally start one of those cool Day-by-Day blogs. You know, where you feature something new every day?
I already have it all picked out too.


Every day I draw a picture or write something on a blank postcard and mail it to someone. Then blog about what I drew, etc.

Yep. Do it for a year, see how it goes. It's pretty flexible. Somedays I might be grumpy. So I'd just scribble something black on the card, grimace, and drop it in the mail.

or, I might have an awesome fantastic too-good-to-be-true kind of day. And then I'd draw rainbows and fireworks and money and drop THAT in the mail.

Plus, I personally always think interactive blogs are kind of cool. That you can drop an email to the blogmaster, and perchance get your name drawn to receive something, even if it's just mention.

Now, if only I could commit to a whole year of postcards......I mean, I did do a whole year of self portraits.

How hard could it be to scribble a postcard a day???

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confession: I'm a Crappy Blogger.

I'm terrible at this.

I've come to understand that the true 'appeal' to blogging, is to see a complete stranger's daily life occur.
My random spatterings of a day here and a day there....complete shortcoming in that regard. I'm hardly ever here, and can't imagine why anyone would care to see just a few of my life's occurrences.

I mean, that is the purpose of this, right?

To come to *know* a person through their daily writings, quips, jokes; to learn their pains and sorrows and humors. To find a comraderie with them, an invisible friendship. I understand that, I can see it in others.

I mean, if I hop on and pour out my current obtrusive event of having Placenta Previa, can anyone say they really care? They don't know me. I'm just a pregnant stranger who has a haphazard placenta in their uterus!

But, if you saw me daily and knew that my favorite fruit is watermelon, and I drive a 97 Rav4, and that I secretly aspire to find a career in the arts and even more so now that I'm going to be birthing my first child in under three months....

THAT may make you feel a twinge of sympathy and curiosity, curl up your feet at your laptop, and query my complication with compassion. Wouldn't it?

I really should visit more often. The door is getting squeaky to this pathetic housing I call a blog. :)