Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confession: I'm a Crappy Blogger.

I'm terrible at this.

I've come to understand that the true 'appeal' to blogging, is to see a complete stranger's daily life occur.
My random spatterings of a day here and a day there....complete shortcoming in that regard. I'm hardly ever here, and can't imagine why anyone would care to see just a few of my life's occurrences.

I mean, that is the purpose of this, right?

To come to *know* a person through their daily writings, quips, jokes; to learn their pains and sorrows and humors. To find a comraderie with them, an invisible friendship. I understand that, I can see it in others.

I mean, if I hop on and pour out my current obtrusive event of having Placenta Previa, can anyone say they really care? They don't know me. I'm just a pregnant stranger who has a haphazard placenta in their uterus!

But, if you saw me daily and knew that my favorite fruit is watermelon, and I drive a 97 Rav4, and that I secretly aspire to find a career in the arts and even more so now that I'm going to be birthing my first child in under three months....

THAT may make you feel a twinge of sympathy and curiosity, curl up your feet at your laptop, and query my complication with compassion. Wouldn't it?

I really should visit more often. The door is getting squeaky to this pathetic housing I call a blog. :)


Kamika said...

Well to toss in my two cents...I dont think you are a crappy blogger...

And I love your belly pictures!

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