Sunday, March 14, 2010

Should I stay or should I go now.....

Ah, so I lost an hour of my day today, which I shouldn't be particularly bummed about considering all I really did was miss out on an extra hour of housework- but meh, just the same I had to whine a bit.

What I really want to whine about is my newest addiction. Starbucks.
How I can justify a 20oz, calorie packed, sugar bomb that only costs me $4 is beyond me....maybe it's the fact I'm pregnant and I get what I want, or it's the fact that I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't do nearly anything remotely resembling my past life - so why NOT curl up with a creamy decaf treat once in a while.

The real problem is that I am sitting here in my pajamas, pondering on whether it's worth it to run around the corner and get said javariffic decadence. I mean....I have to put on shoes....I have to pause the DVR....I have to put on a bra......But my breadmaker is being far too slow with my cranberry lemon bread, and I don't even have a coffeemaker since last fall....and I don't want juice...and I really need to shower but no one will see me go through the drive through, right?

*sigh* I hate time change.


sammy said...

thats the beauty of the drive thru, not all clothing is necessary.

from what you listed, i'd say the bra and possibly the shoes are optional.

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