Monday, February 22, 2010

Irrational mommy, though I named my loin-fruit.

While it could surely mean I'm a little on the irrational side, I have to admit that time seems to have literally slipped by, and at the same time, is this baby ready to come out yet???!!!?

I'm not sure what is more irrational, that time is going so slow, or that I want it to go faster. I just admitted I'd like my little easy-to-carry, quiet, and uncomplicated baby to come out and wail and cry and keep me up all night.


heh. 19 weeks down, 21 to go.

In related news, my gender ultrasound isn't until March 18th because my doctor's office does not do them until 22 weeks (uuuugh).....and I can't freakin wait to find out if this babeh has boy parts or girl parts!!!!
I am making the assumption it will have one of the other. I have an inkling that may be so.

Furthermore, the bugger has a name, finally. After much deliberation we have bequeathed a name upon the soon-to-be fruit of my loins:

Austen Michael or Brooklynne Nicole, crying and being overly needy, yet adorable, coming soon to a bedroom near me.


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome names. Just saying.

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