Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Ah we all know it's the ultimate fauz pas, yet I'm going to commit it anyway.

I don't want to work at my job anymore.

There, I've done it. The quintessential boo boo of admitting on the world wide web that you wish you had a different career.
But I can't help it. It's been six years and not only do I feel unchallenged and unexcited about every day - pair that with the lack of desire to advance any further. I literally do not want to get promoted again. What is that??????

I want to do something creative, something that utilizes my unique talents rather than just the common ones in a 26 year old.
I'm a long-time artist, photographer, and right-brainer..................and I work in finance.

Anyways, at the risk of bitchin' too long about something irrelevant (not as if I can quit, while the hubby is in school and working and the baby-to-be is growing in my belly), I guess I just wish the economy didn't suck so I could find something better.

In relative news, I've begun painting again. Well, I hate what I painted last night and I'm gonna trash it, but more importantly the desire to paint has returned.
I have so many ideas but I have to purchase more supplies.....and of course....I don't have money to do so for another week or so....ho hum.

Ahem. Happy Thursday. The weekend has almost arrived.


The Peach Tart said...

Happy Painting.

sammy said...

im still trying to get my wife back into painting/drawing etc.

hopefully you find satisfaction in your job or the ability to change it

cassandra noƫlla said...

make art. sell it.
keep your favorites.
give away your favorites you can part with.

dont trash the canvas.. just paint over it!

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