Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So far, delightfully unproductive.

Well, the better half and I are on vacation this week. Spring break in our neck of the woods, which means he doesn't have school and it was a perfect time to spend an entire week getting so much of each other we'll be sick of each other and ready to go back to work.

Eh. Or maybe we'll find out we actually like each other way more than we originally thought. Who's to say.

I woke up dreadfully early this morning, dreadfully early considering it's now quarter-past 3 in the afternoon and I still have heaps to do and I'm still in my pajamas.

I have, however, successfully: Driven to Starbucks and had a half-decaf americano, made, ate, and cleaned up breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, started bread dough for a late lunch, and now re-formatted my blog. Oh, oh, and I answered the door when the Fed-X lady showed up. She was kind of rude. But I wouldn't want her job, so I guess I don't blame her.

I think I'm gonna go shower and try to do something productive....like clean my fridge....or clean out a cupboard or two (under my sink in particular is quite a tornado zone). I won't push it though....seeing as now I can successfully add to my 'done list' the fact I have now, wether worthwhile or not, updated my not-so-daily blog.

ahem. And there you go. Toodaloo, my friends.


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