Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Yell at the Manager

I have worked in customer service for many years, yes, I admit I may be young, but in the past eight years I've seen a great many things.

Even one better than just working in the atypical 'customer service' role, I have had the pleasure of spending the last six glorious years working in financial customer service, in opposition to 'normal' customer service at, say, a grocery store.

You don't understand the difference? Well, allow me to give a few examples to clear it up for you.........

1. A person unsatisfied with the treatment of their "millions" (or rather, hundreds) is considerably less likely to be cordial than a person unsatisfied with you ignoring their plea for paper rather than plastic.

2. When you walk up to a grocery line to purchase something, even a pack of gum, you are now a customer. If you simply walk up to a teller in a bank, it is yet to be determined if you are a customer or not, because simply wanting change for a twenty does not mean that I now am required to service your every need including refilling the cookie plate and making you a fresh pot of coffee. You are merely a consumer. Big difference, sir.

3. Some grocery stores feature a 'match-that-price" policy. Our bank, however, is unable to give you a special interest rate of 6.0% simply because you 'swear you saw that posted on another bank somewhere'. Nice try, though.

4. I do realize that when you are unsatisfied with your grocery shopping experience, that requesting the manager may be a smart way to go. However, simply because I will not reverse all 8 of your overdraft fees because your 'cat was sick and you forgot to make a deposit', yelling and screaming that you want to talk to the manager is not wise. For one, yelling gets you nowhere, and furthermore: I am the manager.


Anonymous said...

wish there was a "Like" button as in Facebook ;) Hope all is going well with the baby!

ChristyLove said...

I had that kind of experience running a friend's cafe. A.) Friend, not paid to deal with your crap. Paid to do paperwork, but I'm being nice here. B.) I run the place. Good job reading the name tag, friend.

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