Friday, May 7, 2010

A Small, Hormonal Elephant.

Weeee'll, another week coming to a close.
Time is going so fast, it's remarkable to me every time I pass a mirror and see my round, protruding belly poking out. I forget just how darn pregnant I am sometimes.
The baby shower, or the baby 'party', is next weekend. I'm excited to be able to get everything all organized and buy everything else we need for lil' Austen after I see what awesome stuff my family/friends buy. I definitely need some diapers, so I hear. We thought about lining the floor with newspaper and seeing what happens, but then I remembered that my gag reflex isn't so good.

The nursery is basically done, and it's adorable if I don't say so myself. The theme started with monkeys and flowed into monkeys-bears-owls-trees.
I don't know. I didn't say it made sense, I said it was adorable. When I finish, I'll post pictures.
Just a couple more paintings to hang and it'll be ready to brag over, though the paintings are currently "blocking" spots throughout the room that turns out, are fabulous kitty-nap spots. I hesitate to move them.
I've tried and tried explaining that it isn't their room, but they just don't listen. Soft, plush nooks and crannies are just too much for the furballs to resist. And you know what they say. You own a dog, but a cat owns you.
I learned this too late.

On a personal level, it's also getting very, very tricky getting dressed every day. Not that covering my skin would be hard, but covering it in a fashion that is appropriate for the office, that takes a whole new kind of talent. If I could wear sweats and tank tops 24/7 I'd be golden. Unfortunately, not so lucky. While I think I'm forgiven for forgoing the heels for a while, Larry -the-cable-guy pj pants might be a little over the top.

This weeks big accomplishment? The zippers of my pre-pregnancy pants will 'officially' not stay up beneath that fabulous invention called the BeBand.(stretchy, elastic-like fabric band that fits around your waist and keeps -loose maternity pants/unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants- up.) Nope, they slide right down under all my baby-boy-belly weight. I'm turning into a small, hormonal elephant.

Looks like in addition to buying diapers and hanging pictures, I should invest in some wider pants, for my new, wider body-for-two......
This being-a-parent thing...they really weren't kidding when they said it was complicated.


Sam_I_am said...

I'm torn between having a baby and finding a new job. A new job would give more money, but my current job would allow for a lot of baby-growing sweatpants. When you're feeling down, just say to yourself, "I just grew my baby's brain. Hmmmm. There was an ear."

~ N said...

Hi, I'm interested in using one of your images in a blog post at I would appreciate it if you could get back to me, I couldn't find any way of contacting you directly. (My contact information is on my personal blog which you can see on my Blogger profile.)

very married said...

haha - i've never heard of a BeBand but it sure does sound useful!

Also, would love to see pics of the new baby room!

very married said...

Well, and, based on the date of this post, even the new baby, maybe?

The Tame Lion said...

I'm always here to support you.

Kevin Collins said...

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