Friday, November 13, 2009

Staycation and a Little Surprise.

I've been off work for a week.
It's crazy, because I thought I'd get WAY more done than I did.

I must add, I did get a lot done, but it sure feels like it's only been 2 days, not a week. But whatever.

We went through our storage, and now there is a huge "Goodwill" pile in the hall, as well as a garbage pile. The closet in the second bedroom is also much more empty.
I cleaned my fridge out. I reorganized my kitchen appliances and whatnots.
Odds and ends job completely all over the place.

I have come to one conclusion. Work sucks, I wanna stay home all the time.

Never gonna happen, but my, I love my staycations.
Granted, I would gladly trade one in for a trip to...face it...anywhere. But I got so much more done this way. was cheap. I like cheap. I embrace cheap. It's one of my mottos.

Yesterday the hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.
My, time does fly. We had pizza and watched Star Wars 4 - 6. I slept through most of The Empire Strikes Back, but hey. I was tired, in my defense.
It was a nice anniversary.

I digress. It's been a fast week, and I want it to start over. Also, I have a myriad of things to accomplish today and this weekend. So why am I blogging.
I need more tea and to get moving!

Ah yes. And one more thing.

I'm pregnant. :)

~The Unraveling One


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Karen! Congratulations about the wee bump. You will be a fantastic Mumma

Respectfully Yours said...

Oh my God, talk about dropping something at the end of a blog. Congratulations to you and your hubby. All the best.

Da Goof said...

picks myself up

If you think the last 4 years went fast just wait...

Susan said...

I am sooooooo happy for you two!!!! Happy anni and more importantly - congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*you are going to be an a+++++++++ mommie!

very married said...

holy cow! Congrats!!!

Melissa said...

Hey beautiful...

CONGRATS!!! So exciting :) I can not wait to see what beautiful little babies you guys are going to make. So are you going to find out what you are having?


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