Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pros and Cons of Christmas.

It's officially winter here in my hickville-middle-of-nowhere county of the U.S.
It is 20 degrees outside. That is approximately 30 degrees below my comfort zone.

I've been bundling up like a child the past few days. And wouldn't you know I caught a cold too. ugh. The joys the holiday season brings. Which brings me to:

The Pros and Cons of Christmas. Allow me to elaborate.

Pro: Frank Sinatra singing carols
Con: Britney Spears singing something resembling carols.
Pro: Snow
Con: Ass-freezing cold
Pro: Christmas spirit
Con: Christmas spirits pregnant ladies can't drink
Pro: Sparkly, shimmery xmas trees
Con: The spacious, empty gap beneath the tree that my cat sleeps.
Pro: Christmas treats and cookies
Con: Christmas weight gain
Pro: Family get togethers
Con: Family get togethers. ;-)
Pro: Holiday shopping
Con: Getting hit in the hip by shopping carts
Pro: Christmas cards
Con: Recieving christmas cards from people you forgot to send one to.
Pro: It's Christmas! Everyone should be happy!
Con: There's always a grinch in every family.

You know what the really funny thing is though? Even though I have visions of baby onesies and I'm achy and tired and cold.....

I always look forward to christmas. It does, after all, only come once a year.


Susan said...

Love the list. This year's xmas tree at our house is the one from Walgreen's for $9.99 - a replica of the one that Chuck Brown got and hung the solitary red bulb from. I guess you can say, that this year, I am the family's Grinch. Or - better yet, a bah-humbugging Scrooge. sigh.

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